Fox Motocross Kit – 10 Years of Ken ‘KROC’ Roczen

Fox Motocross Kit - Ken Roczen

Rundown of KROCs Fox Motocross Gear style through the years…

Nicknamed KROC born in Apolda, Germany in 1994, Ken Roczen has become a dominant figure seen everywhere wearing his Fox Motocross Kit in the world of Motocross / Supercross. Started as a Fox team rider in 2009. He went on to smash competition in his native Germany and became World MX2 Champion in 2011 then crossed the water full time in 2012.

We are going to take a brief look at the history of KROC and his loyal supporters Fox Motocross Kit through the last few years.

Fox MX Kit - Ken Roczen

2012 – Ken Roczen in his first year as a team rider sporting the vintage race chequered Covert kit on the (then) new 360 chassis. Colour blocking on the pants and jersey starting the path towards clean distinct colours on the track.

2013 – the 360 Fox motocross kit fine tuned the stretch panels and anatomical fit this year designed to bend and move. The first step into the lightweight design more common today to make sure the energy you use on the bike isn’t dampened by overly heavy MX kit. The Fallout range had block colours and asymmetrical graphics kickstarting the aggressive look of the Fox MX kit to come. Roczen finished as the 250 West champion crowning a great year for KROC.

2014 – The Forzaken is a throwback to the late 80’s and early 90’s blending zebra and cheetah inspiration, a nod to Bradshaw, RJ and Mcgrath. The most out their kit Ken has worn since his signing. A real polarising kit for the everyday track rider. If you a wearing these colours you better be fast!

Fox Gear MX

2015 – The fox motocross kit gets a slight tweak this year with smaller panels on the calves and a super flexible knee area. Continuing thee 90’s feel Fox took the Marz range to the next level with this animal print design.

2016 – The premium Flexair range with durable Fox Trumotion fabric chassis included all the fox branding on a newspaper style print. A real love it or hate it design. Many said this was really too busy but also at the same time too plain. Personally I feel this was the design that really fell flat as a fan, zero connection with the feel of this one.

2017 – Continuing the Flexair kit the simple block colours standing out on the track and sand dunes, large branding along the chest left plenty of blank space for riders to work.

Fox Motocross Kit Honda

2018 – Ken Roczen in the official Fox Honda Motocross Gear, strong vibrant colours matching the livery of the machine making for an awesome combination. In a year plagued by injury his motocross season was short but dramatic.

Fox Motocross kit PRZM Red

2019 – Fox stripped back the waves, the patterns and went for almost cubist design of blocks and simplicity, lightweight feel, lightweight on the design. Large bold branding a real straightforward Fox Motocross Kit. Ken was also rocking the Fox Vue Goggles this year.


Which Fox Motocross Kit is your favourite over the last 7 years? Do you rate the block colours? Or would you rather go back to the early 90’s neon and funky designs? If you want to check out our Fox Motocross Gear in stock click that link to check out our huge range at more than 50% off.