Motocross Kit – A Beginners Guide

When first jumping on a motocross bike and becoming part of one of the many MX clubs around the UK it becomes clear how easy it is to fall in love with the sights and smell of the sport. Whether you’re going to start racing or just get some practice riding in around your local track we can provide all you need here at Matt Gardiner MX. We have got all of the latest FOX MOTOCROSS KIT, helmets, boots, gloves and everything else you need. With motocross gear from all the top brands we will walk you through all the options you have when kitting up for your ride.


Fox Motocross Helmet Matt Gardiner MX

A helmet is the absolute important item in your gear bag, you would be a fool to ride without one and it really is best to invest in a quality lid. This item we would really guide you away from the cheapest offering online, a no name no brand cheap helmet is going to be just that. Every helmet we provide is ACU gold sticker approved we want our customers to be out there enjoying the ride and have a solid product protecting them. All our Mx helmets have great air flow, all fully ACU gold sticker approved and all with removable liners to make sure they can be cleaned and freshened up.

Although we supply a huge range of brands like Airoh, Shoei, Bell our FOX MOTOCROSS HELMETS range provide great entry level helmets through to the professional rider requirements. The fox V1 and Fox V2 Helmets which have the Magnetic Visor Release Systems (MVRS) and MIPS protection. The deeper your wallet can go the more features you can expect, such as pop out emergency liners, go pro mounts, super lightweight helmets and more.



We don’t need to go into great detail here, why not head over to the and check out the range there. Especially the 100% Goggles range.


Boots are designed to offer a lot more protection than you realise due to the stress of motocross riding you need that all round foot and ankle protection along with heavy duty roost protection. In the same way we looked at helmets you can spend a little to a lot and get similar items. In boots you are paying for durability and flexibility. Different riding requires different attributes, long hard riding, we will take a hard wearing stiffer boot. Competitive riding might need you to wear a fully flexible soft soled wrap.

Here we offer entry level to the pinnacle of mx boots the Alpinestars tech 10 boots. We have Sidi, Fox Motocross Kit Boots the full Alpinestars range and more. We stock the full selection of step in comfort.



Unlike your helmet, the important factor when choosing your gear, is comfort and the cool factor. Lets be honest the jerseys level of protection is nothing, but you need it to look cool whether you are doing 14 or 40mph. Different brands adhere to different sizes. The more expensive brands can usually follow the rule they will be more fitted and true to size.

We stock all the major brands, but our FOX 180 MOTOCROSS KIT offer great moisture wicking, stretch fabrics, quality graphics and leather inner leg panels. Ten moving to the top end we come to the FOX 360 MOTOCROSS KIT which are super light and super vented. Seamless cuffs avoid all discomfort when out on the track.

Check out the huge range of gloves on offer in our store from all the leading brands, we have to do all we can to minimise blisters, which leads people to have several sets of gloves in their kit bag. We offer top brands at a price you can really stock up. After one wet 20 minute session you will be grateful you purchased a few sets of gloves! All our gloves offer reinforcement in hard wearing areas and awesome graphics to compliment your set up.



If you want to start off at the basic level, many riders use the straight forward roost protection. If you want to take it up a notch our Stern Protection range on our Armour page is hugely popular selling 1000’s of sets throughout the UK. Chest, Arm, Back and Kidney Belt , the all in one solution ticks all the boxes and slides straight under your motocross kit.

Knee protection is more prevalent than ever. People are now realising the impact this sport has on your body and especially your knees. The cost of knee protection is minor compared to time off injured and lost riding time! Check out the hard knee cap protection in our store or go all the way up to the hinged knee guards. All from the top brands on the market.

In conclusion…

This covers all the basics you need to jump on the two wheels and get riding. Why not start with the FOX MOTOCROSS KIT and go from there. Happy Riding!