Gulf Race Fuels Racing 102 (25 Litre and 50 Litres)



Collection only or Delivery to Race Meetings – Call 01684 589 839 for more details.

Gulf Racing 102 is unleaded, oxygenated fuel that has a three digit octane level, providing you with that sought-after, competitive advantage against others using standard unleaded fuels.

This 102 formula is a consistent and reliable fuel that provides an increase in performance across many different applications. The fuel can also be used at all levels of motorsport from professional to amateur as it is both FIA and Motorsport UK compliant.

Available in 50 or 25 Litres.

Characteristics Gulf Racing 102
Type Unleaded
Research Octane
Motor Octane Number 89.12
Dry Vapour
Pressure Equivalent
Oxygen Content 3.4% (m/m)
Specific Gravity 0.756

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