Motul C1 Chain Cleaner Off Road 400ml


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Motul C1 Chain Cleaner Off Road 400ml


A powerful degreasing agent for all types of motorcycle chains (road and off-road) and those of other vehicles (bicycle, moped, go kart, ATV). Effectively removes all encrusted deposits. Its chlorine-free extreme grease removal formula is perfectly suited to O-ring, X-ring and Z-ring chains. Evaporates very quickly.

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For any product safety data sheets you can view on Motul Oils website Motul Oils

Maintaining a healthy bike chain

Regularly lubing & cleaning your bike chain is the best way to prolong its life. We stock a great range of bike road and off-road maintenance products, including bike chain lube, bike grease and brake oil to ensure all your bikes moving parts are in great condition.

Cleaning the chain on your bike doesn’t take long at all and is relatively inexpensive, but the impact it has on performance is huge. We recommend using both a chain cleaner and lubricant for the best results – both of which can be found here at Matt Gardiner MX.

Most of the motocross brands recommend Motul oils. It combines a number of quality base oils that meet and exceed OEM requirements. This is a high-quality lubricant with a proven track record of consistency and performance. With this range  alone, Motul has given the rest of the industry something to think about when it comes to consumer-grade lubricants. Motul oils and cleaners in stock at Matt Gardiner Mx really represent a premium offering for all riders at the best price. Offering high quality service that we have built our business on and continue to strive to better every single day.

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