Pro Green Snow Foam 5L Cleaner


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This product is concentrated, making 10 x 1L, meaning you are getting twice for your money! As it is a refill, no empty bottle or trigger is included, but can be purchased separately.

Our Snow Foam formula provides you with a thick snow foamthat gives you maximum coverage when cleaning your off-road or road vehicle.

No need to use it as a ‘pre-wash treatment’! Snow Foamcontains powerful cleaning agents, whilst remaining safe on your paintwork andsensitive metals, that rapidly remove all forms of dirt and grime, giving you afast, effective and thorough deep clean.

Makes cleaning quicker and easier!

Suitable for use with all pressure washer foam lances, orour bottle can be connected straight to your lance!

Pro-GreenMX Snow Foam is 100% salt-free, with no corrosivecomponents in the product making it the safest cleaner on the market!

Fully biodegradable with recyclable packaging.

Completely safe to use on all surfaces including paints,plastics, anodised parts, sensitive metals (including aluminium) and carbonfibre.

High-foaming product that clings to your ride and does thework for you!

Contains UV protection to protect your paint colours fromfading in sunlight.

Safe for use on all E-Bikes.


Rinse excess dirt off bike/vehicle or watercraft.

Option 1 = fill your pressure washer container withPro-GreenMX Snow Foam. Do not put any water into the container (the pressurewasher will mix the formula automatically with water).

Option 2 = refill your previously purchased 1L Snow Foambottle and connect the bottle directly to your snow foam attachment.

Cover your off-road or road vehicle in Snow Foam.

Allow to soak for 5 minutes.

Rinse off.

For best results use Pro-GreenMX follow-on products.