Putoline Tyre Fitting Lube Spray Off Road Motocross Mx Enduro Bike 500ml


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Tyre Fitting Lube for use while (un)mounting tyres. It prevents the rubber from tearing and makes sure that the tyre bead is not stretched too much. The pronounced glide effect lowers the pressure and prevents the motorcycle tyre from snapping off. Tyre Fitting Lube has excellent glide and penetration properties and can also be easily used in places that are hard to reach. Dries up cleanly and invisibly, is economical to use and free from silicone.

Instructions for use:

Shake before use

When mounting, the tyres must have a temperature of at least 15°C

Apply spray to the tyre bead and rim flange

Distribute the product with a lint-free cloth

Then mount or unmount the tyre

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