Motul Oil 710 2T 2-Stroke Off-Road Motocross Fully Synthetic – 1L


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Motul Oil 710 2T 2-Stroke Off-Road Motocross Fully Synthetic – 1L

100% synthetic lubricant based on Ester-Technology. Specially designed for 2 stroke motorcycle engines with premix or injector lube system, operating at high revs and under high load.

Very high lubricating properties decrease friction and wear, improve power output and minimise engine internal friction.

Synthetic base stocks minimise smoke and deposits. API TC, JASO FD

Engine Type: 2 Stroke

Litres: 1

Quality: Fully Synthetic

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For any product safety data sheets you can view on Motul Oils website Motul Oils

ESTER Core technology allows the oil to adhere to cylinder walls even when the engine is cold, preventing a lot of the damage that is caused by a cold engine starts. With that said, this particular motocross oil can be beneficial to regular owners who want to keep their motors working flawlessly on the road every day.

Most of the motocross brands recommend Motul oils. It combines a number of quality base oils that meet and exceed OEM requirements. This is a high-quality lubricant with a proven track record of consistency and performance. With this range of oils alone, Motul has given the rest of the industry something to think about when it comes to consumer-grade lubricants. Motul oils in stock at Matt Gardiner Mx really represent a premium offering for all riders at the best price. Offering high quality service that we have built our business on and continue to strive to better every single day.

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